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                                             "Most of the young men of talent whom I have met in this country give one the impression of being somewhat demented.          
                                                                                   They roam about in our midst like anonymous messengers from another planet"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Henry Miller

"Dobry is a Renaissance

man of the 21st Century!"

          - Ed Paschke

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   Kingdom Come
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      En La Lona
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    Bumble-Bee Bob Novak


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       Gary Dobry

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    Lorenzo  Meyer    RIP

      Simon 1996

     (Chart Polski)

     Simon 2003


    Fleetwood 1996

   (Afghan Hound)  

      Stosh,  7/06

   20 lbs, 3 Mos. old

     (Chart Polski)


      Stosh,  9/06

  50 lbs, 5 Mos. old

 Stosh, 9 months old


           70 lbs

   Stosh, 1 yr. old, 90 lbs.


    Stosh - 3 yrs. old


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                        'Bumble Bee' Bob Novak

                           REST IN PEACE BEE! All my love Brother!

                         Chicago Tribune Obituary

Oak Park - "Bee" as he was known to his friends, was born on November 17th, 1931 , and passed away on the morning of Tuesday, July 14th from congestive heart failure. Many of us knew Bee as a triple-threat bluesman that played guitar, harmonica and sang. His raw style and approach to the blues was something to be seen! His incendiary "harp" playing certainly put him among the best in Chicago where there is no shortage of great players - Little Walter, Big Walter, James Cotton among others. Over his long career, Bee mentored countless musicians, and has played with a veritable "who's who" of famous artists himself. Oddly enough, Bee maintained that music was secondary to his first love - art. A graduate of the Chicago Art Institute, he was a prolific painter. His colorful style and subject matter made him as unique in the art world as his playing was in the blues world. He was commissioned to do the poster for the 1989 Chicago blues festival, as well as for several other fests in Europe. His art has also appeared in multiple movies. His legacy will be his recognition as one of the great Chicago artists and bluesmen. He will surely be missed by his many friends and fans. The music and art worlds have truly lost a creative force! Rest in Peace Bee
Bob taught me more than just playing the guitar or about painting and literature. He taught me to tackle art, and life, in philosophical terms. The last time me & Bob played together was at the opening of a 2-man art show we had at the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago in 2011. Bob was playing guitar and harp as passionately as he ever has, but just from a wheelchair. I remember us busking in the streets of Paris and then dining like kings in the best restaurants in Paris. It was Bob who hooked me up with Ed Paschke. We were the 3 Musketeers! I love the guy and will miss him dearly, but like the great Henry Miller, Bob thought of life & death as a continuum - there is not one without the other. He was always as aware of death as he was of life & like Henry Miller, and Blaise Cendras before him, he wanted to be aware while dying and to fully experience death. I hope that was the case. ;0)  ~ Gary Dobry

    Me & Bob in Paris


The Boys - they find things before people lose them ,  48" X 36" ,  Acrylic on Canvas


From the "Marilyn" series




The Bee's 'rap' on Art (form-in-space)


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